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Design tells a story.It can reveal – in seconds —
who you are. What your vibe is.
What you do. It’s not just about looking good ...

It's about being smart

At Polished Creative Studio, we’ll help you shine.


Who We Are

Polished is a small creative studio that delivers big impact. Led by Chief Creator Stephanie Greenwald, the Polished team is made up of designers, writers, and developers who bring passion and a personal touch to every project.

our small size
means we're nimble

The people you meet at the start will be the same people you’ll work with throughout, because they’re the ones who know you best. So whether you’re ready for a new logo or need a soup-to-nuts branding campaign, we'll pair you with the right people and the right talent for the job.

the ideas we bring
to the table will be made
for you
and you alone

Polished. Let’s make a positive first impression together.

Why Us?

Here’s the thing. We’re pretty sure that every organization under the sun would say they want a unique logo. An easy-to-navigate website that also says, ‘Wow.’ Writing that sings. Smart marketing. We also know there’s no shortage of design and communications companies that will say they can provide that and more.

But here’s where we stand apart, and it’s why we can help you
stand out from the competition: At Polished Creative Studio, our first step isn’t to find out
what you want, it’s to find out
who you are

We view every client as our partner, and that means we’re willing to do what it takes upfront to understand you, your organization, and what you’d like your future to look like. Our focus on mutual relationship building is what allows us to understand and embrace your mission and goals as if they were our own.

we create a holistic
presence that staystrue to
your brand

Polished Creative Studio. Together, we’ll shine.